When you want to send a token on the Ethereum network you need to pay for the computation to do that. That is measured in terms of something called Gas. Here's a breakdown on Gas:


  • Gas is the way that fees are calculated
  • The fees are still paid in ether, though, which is different from gas
  • The gas cost is the amount of work that goes into something, like the number of hours of labour, whereas the gas price is like the hourly wage you pay for the work to be done. The combination of the two determines your total transaction fee.
  • If your gas price is too low, no one will process your transaction
  • If your gas price is fine but the gas cost of your transaction runs "over budget" the transaction fails but still goes into the blockchain, and you don't get the money back for the work that the labourers did.
  • This makes sure that nothing runs forever, and that people will be careful about the code that they run. It keeps both miners and users safe from bad code!


Right now, you can only pay for the Gas using Ether. So you need to buy some and send it your Ethereum wallet’s address.

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